Mentor Session: Jo Brown

    Photography is a craft that needs love and attention and I am no different.

    …Or how I learned to love my photography again!

    When I first signed up for the mentoring session with the lovely Joanna Brown, I had wanted to spend a whole day with her, but at the time (back in October) I was on the verge of giving birth to my second child and was so huge I waddled. Travelling down to the south coast would just not have been an option, so the Skype session seemed like a good second best. Initially I was very nervous, I wasn’t an avid Skype user and was a bit scared of an “internet date”! Of course, I needn’t have worried, Joanna was extremely warm, friendly, very professional, and put me at ease immediately. If you’re thinking about ways to improve any aspect of your business or photography, Joanna is a brilliant person to spend a few hours with and you will come away feeling inspired and refreshed and like you found your mojo, even though you didn’t know you had lost it! What to expect?: The session was to be broken down into 1 hour sessions. In the first session we talked about me (my least favourite subject), my photography, my MA in photojournalism (and it’s lack of a mention on my site or blog) and what I want to achieve as a photographer and my aims for my business. The second session we talked about marketing and blogging. All very simple and obvious things to discuss when you have a business – but for some reason I had ended up drifting along with no real direction, and hoping that I would achieve my goals – somehow.

    …and the things I learnt:

    1. Be proud of my MA. Photography is my craft and I honed my reportage skills while taking the course. Although my style has changed and moved on, my passion for reportage and storytelling will always remain fundamental to my photography.

    2. Branding and reinforcing your brand. Or actually in my case – creating a brand!

    3. Blog, blog and blog again! My new blog and this post (I don’t normally do such personal pieces) are all down to Miss B.

    and 4. The most important and valuable thing I got from the session was that this is MY BUSINESS and I need to take it, and myself, more seriously in order to achieve the goals I have set out for myself. I also learnt loads more about all aspects of the business and things I’m still planning and sorting out in my head. But Joanna has given me the confidence to embrace these things, not be such a scaredy cat and put myself out there.

    So, thank you very much. And eeek, here goes! x

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    28th March 2013