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Documenting the Real Story of your wedding day

Hi there, I’m Sharron, a documentary wedding photographer, based in Buckinghamshire and shooting weddings all over the the UK. Wedding photography, to me, is all about people and the magic they create when they get together. I love the unscripted moments that happen throughout the day; the quiet, those raw and tender moments and the ones filled with so much joy. Capturing these moments so they bring back all the emotions when you look at your photos in years to come.

I worked as a journalist and photojournalist before falling in love with photographing weddings. During my 12 years as a documentary wedding photographer, I’ve photographed 300+ weddings and have won some awards in my time from WPJA and This Is Reportage and in the Top 50 with GoHen.

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Documentary wedding photography

What is documentary wedding photography?

Documentary wedding photography is all about capturing real moments as they happen, without interference or staging. It focuses on telling the story of the day through candid shots.

A documentary wedding photographer goes unnoticed, blending in with the guests to capture authentic emotions and reactions. They don’t interrupt or pose the couple or guests, but instead, let the day unfold naturally.

Documentary wedding photography is about capturing the essence of the day, from the small details to the big moments. It’s about creating a visual narrative that reflects the true spirit of the wedding.

By choosing a documentary wedding photographer, couples can expect photos that are genuine, emotional, and full of life. These images will transport them back to their wedding day, allowing them to relive the memories for years to come.

Hiring a documentary wedding photographer is a great way to ensure your wedding day is captured in a natural and authentic way. As a documentary photographer, I focus on telling the story of your day through candid shots, rather than posed pictures.


My style is very much based on wedding photojournalism – it’s all about capturing meaningful moments and unscripted joy!

Flossy and Josh

Sharron, we think you are the absolute best and a true rockstar!! So talented, so kind and just a wizard with the camera. Words can’t describe how dreamy our special day came out through your lens!!!



I’ve loved photography ever since I was 12 years old. I worked as a journalist and trained as a photojournalist. My work focus has always been on people and telling their stories. Using my camera is how I make sense of the world, to find depth, meaning and understanding.

Documentary wedding photography

I love weddings. I get fully invested in you and your day and shoot from the inside out. That means I photograph your day capturing the heart and soul of it; the emotions, the joy, the celebration of it all – and roll these feelings into the pictures I make. And then I get to give that all back to you – so you can cherish these images for a lifetime.

My job is very special.

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