"I'm a light lover. I love watching light and seeing how it moves and changes the world."

    I wrote this when I first started out in photography and it still stands today as a way of explaining why I do what I do… (Thank you to We Are The Parsons for helping realise this)

    “…My photography journey didn’t begin when I picked up a camera. It began longer ago than that. It began with my dad, who had the most incredible memory and memory recall. He was amazing at Trivial Pursuit, unbeatable! And my mum, who always had the most dreadful memory and has recently been diagnosed with dementia.

    (NB. EDIT – my mum passed away with Alzheimer’s in 2020)

    These two things growing up led me to always want to remember things – just in case a) I might need them (especially if I wanted to win at Trivial Pursuit!) or b) one day I might not be able to remember them.

    I studied history and journalism at university and then went to work as a news producer at the BBC. I wasn’t really a “news” person and looked into other things I could do. I left the BBC and went to study photojournalism at the London College of Communication. I fell in love with photographing people – and weddings grew from that. The people I met, the stories I got to tell, the emotions, the beauty – I felt like this was what I was supposed to be doing – my life’s journey realised.

    I truly believe that being a photographer isn’t just about having a nice camera and knowing how to use it, it comes from a place much deeper than that. It comes from how the world has shaped you, it comes from the core of who you are and how you live your life. It’s part of my being to tell other people’s stories and I choose to do it visually, beautifully and with love.”

    So, 5 Reasons To Book Me?


    I’m award-winning! As well as being a professional photographer with 10 years full time experience and an MA in Photojournalism, I’m also extremely proud to be amongst the few UK photographers who is Top 100 in the world with the WPJA (the Wedding Photojournalist Association) and Top 50 in the UK in both 2017 and 2018 by Go Hen).


    I’ve got bags of experience. I’ve photographed over 250 weddings (plus lots of families, births, food and commercial work too) in lots of different venues (dark halls, tipis, marquees, outdoor ceremonies, etc) and all weather conditions (hail, snow, blizzards, and bright sunshine). Each wedding brings a different set of challenges (which I love) and it’s how I deal with those that really make the difference to your wedding images.


    I take being a professional photographer very seriously. This means I not only want you to book me, but also your friends and friends of friends. If I want that to happen I have to be good – really good! And I’ll always go that extra mile for you to make sure you are happy.


    My couples are paramount. I love taking the time to get to know all of them, and this really helps keeping them relaxed on their wedding days. I’m not a stranger just papping you all day long – well I am, but I’m a lovely one with a friendly face!


    I’m insured. I have both public liability and indemnity. So if anything goes wrong (god forbid) I’m covered. I also back up all your images, store them off-site and keep them safe for 3 years.


    So – READY TO BOOK? Let’s do this. Head over to my contact page and lets get you booked in. 


    OR if you’re not quite ready, why not take a browse at some of these weddings…\/