Artistic documentary wedding photography means capturing your wedding in a captivating and beautiful way. It means capturing the genuine essence of your special day. It goes beyond traditional posed shots and embraces a more candid and spontaneous approach.

Rather than orchestrating every moment, an artistic documentary photographer tries to be an unobtrusive observer, documenting the festivities as they unfold. This allows me to authentically capture real emotions, laughter, tears, and even the smallest details that make your wedding unique.

Your Visual Journey

The beauty of artistic documentary wedding photography lies in its ability to tell a story. Each photograph acts as a chapter, capturing the raw emotions and shared moments between loved ones. It is a visual journey that effortlessly depicts the love and joy that encapsulates your wedding day.

Capturing light using Artistic Documentary Wedding Photography
Shoe photo using Artistic Documentary Wedding Photography

Playing with light and shadows

Artistic documentary allows me to play with light and shadow more, drawing on these to tell your wedding story in a more creative and unique way.

With this type of photography you can expect a diverse range of images. From intimate close-ups to wide-angle shots of the venue, all with a natural and unposed feel. The photos will convey the mood and atmosphere of your wedding, allowing you to relive your precious memories for years to come.

Bridal prep - Artistic Documentary Wedding Photography style.
Groom prep - Artistic Documentary Wedding Photography

When hiring an artistic documentary wedding photographer, it is essential to find someone who shares your vision and understands your unique style. Look for a photographer who has experience in this genre, as they will possess the expertise and creativity needed to fulfill your expectations.

As an award winning wedding photojournalist, I use these skills to capture the true essence of your wedding day. I emphasise authenticity, spontaneity, and genuine emotions, creating a collection of photographs that narrate your love story. As an artistic documentary photographer I skillfully document these precious moments, allowing you to cherish them for a lifetime.

If you would like me to document your wedding using an artistic documentary approach then please do get in touch.





I only take on a small number of weddings each year (and I really do have the best couples, so you would be in very good company)!

I love meeting and getting to know my couples and finding out makes them tick, this makes us all feel more comfortable on the day, allowing you both to relax and enjoy your day completely.

In the first instance, please get in touch – there’s a simple form to fill out and let’s go from there.

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