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    One of my favourite places (locally to me) is the woods, well, actually any woods are pretty amazing. But Rushmere Country Park is a mile from house and I absolutely adore it. I often take my children up there and recently we’ve discovered that they have been filming Wild Things (a crazy It’s A Knockout style TV Show on Sky One) there. The kids love it – but for me if it means the kids will explore the woods in seach of furry creatures and we can have adventures there  – even better!

    So, you can imagine I was thrilled when fellow Leighton Buzzardites Catie and Richard wanted to have there Love Shoot up there. Excited, I actually squealed! But it’s stunning there – massive pine trees, Heron nests, wooden sculptures, it’s incredible, believe me.

    Anyway – here’s a few photos from our little shoot. I hope you like.


    Pre-Wedding_Shoot_Beds_Wedding_Photographer_0001Catie and Richard_Pre-Wedding_Shoot_Beds_Wedding_Photographer_0003Pre-Wedding_Shoot_Beds_Wedding_Photographer_0001Catie and Richard_Pre-Wedding_Shoot_Beds_Wedding_Photographer_0005Pre-Wedding_Shoot_Beds_Wedding_Photographer_0001Pre-Wedding_Shoot_Beds_Wedding_Photographer_0001Catie and Richard_Pre-Wedding_Shoot_Beds_Wedding_Photographer_0008Pre-Wedding_Shoot_Beds_Wedding_Photographer_0001Catie and Richard_Pre-Wedding_Shoot_Beds_Wedding_Photographer_0010Pre-Wedding_Shoot_Beds_Wedding_Photographer_0001Catie and Richard_Pre-Wedding_Shoot_Beds_Wedding_Photographer_0012Catie and Richard_Pre-Wedding_Shoot_Beds_Wedding_Photographer_0013Pre-Wedding_Shoot_Beds_Wedding_Photographer_0001Catie and Richard_Pre-Wedding_Shoot_Beds_Wedding_Photographer_0015Catie and Richard_Pre-Wedding_Shoot_Beds_Wedding_Photographer_0016Catie and Richard_Pre-Wedding_Shoot_Beds_Wedding_Photographer_0017Pre-Wedding_Shoot_Beds_Wedding_Photographer_0001Catie and Richard_Pre-Wedding_Shoot_Beds_Wedding_Photographer_0019Catie and Richard_Pre-Wedding_Shoot_Beds_Wedding_Photographer_0020

    28th May 2015