I’ve been photographing the Orange family for 7 years now. Each daughter (they have 3) has had A YEAR IN THE LIFE FAMILY DOCUMENTARY PHOTOGRAPHY SHOOT.  One at birth and one at around 12 months. It’s been such a joy to see their family grow and thrive – and oh my – these girls are full of character and cheekiness – just every thing a girl should be.

These sessions were such get fun to capture and get to know the growing Orange family over the years and these images have become a brilliant heirloom for all the family.

Relaxed family documentary photography

A Year In The Life session is a brilliant and engaging way to capture all the changes that happen over first year of your child’s life. Having a newborn shoot – which captures those precious moments at home, with parents and siblings getting to grips with the person in their lives. You then have another relaxed family documentary photo shoot around six months. This time capturing sitting up, maybe crawling, and definitely capturing all the new tricks (like eating) your baby has learned!  The final shoot is at one year with perhaps a birthday celebration or a walk in the woods, etc.

As with all of my shoots, I don’t pose or guide you. But what I am doing is faithfully capturing your moments, your time together as a family, how you interact – naturally. And it’s such a beautiful thing to  be able to document. These photographs will become your most treasured items – trust me!

And yes, it can be difficult at first to get used to someone being around with a camera – but very quickly you do just ignore me (haha which is totally fine)!

Do get in touch if you would like to book in for a Year In The Life, Day in the Life, or a Slide of Life photo session