Hove Love Shoot

Nat and Dave’s glorious Hove Love Shoot. Chilled walk along the beach  – perfect.

I met Nat and Dave on the waterfront in Hove and immediately fell in love…with both Hove and Nat and Dave. They are such utterly lovely and kind people that it shone through their nervousness. Yes, they were a little nervous about having their photo, but who isn’t? 

After explaining a little about what a Love Shoot is all about and a quick drink in the pub for Dutch Courage, we headed over to the beach with their gorgeous little dog. He came along for fun as he wouldn’t be allowed to come along to the wedding. 

We walked and talked, I asked questions and gave them little silly games to play  – and we giggled. It was great fun. They even showed me where Adele lived on Hove beachfront! 

Here’s a few images of what we got up to. If you’re having a Love Shoot – honestly, don’t be afraid, they are great fun and you get to have some lovely pictures at the end. 

You can see Nat and Dave’s epic wedding over here

If you would like a Hove Love Shoot please do get in touch

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