Day in the Life with Emily

Day in the life family photography

Day in the life family photography sessions are an incredible way to capture a tiny slice of your child’s life. These photography sessions take place over the course of one day – and much like my wedding photography – I basically stalk you and your family for one whole day.

Yup, from waking up routines through to when your child goes to bed at night. It’s awesome. Imagine giving that collection of photographs to your child on their 18th birth or when they have their first child!

With this in mind, I went to photograph, the absolutely delightful Emily and spent the day with her and her mum.


A Day in the Life photography session is about capturing moments – fly on the wall style. Capturing all those wonderful tender moments that often happen so naturally – but the idea of having a photographer there is that these moments are completely REAL and RAW – not forced and no pretending. Obviously I use all my photojournalism and photography experience to capture your day beautifully and artistically.

People are often worried about their house might look like or what they might look like. BUT these photos aren’t about that – it’s about personalities, connection, emotion and relationships. And honestly, after about 10 minutes of me being there, parents and kids alike have completely that I am there.

If you would like a day in the life photo session then please do get in touch, I can’t wait to see your life!

Here’s a few images from my day with Emily Grace.

Emily Family Photographer_0018
Emily Family Photographer_0002
Emily Family Photographer_0013
Emily Family Photographer_0011
Emily Family Photographer_0006
Emily Family Photographer_0017
Emily Family Photographer_0015
Emily Family Photographer_0019
Emily Family Photographer_0003
Emily Family Photographer_0005
Emily Family Photographer_0012
Emily Family Photographer_0004
Emily Family Photographer_0014
Emily Family Photographer_0021
Emily Family Photographer_0010
Emily Family Photographer_0026

Emily Family Photographer_0025
Emily Family Photographer_0007
Emily Family Photographer_0008

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