Wedding Gallery

    What I love about weddings is that each one is different, unique. The light is always different from the last one, the guests always bring a different vibe, and dad's always have a different way of telling their daughters how they are loved...

    ….Weddings aren’t just about the brides and grooms; they are about the parents, the grandparents, your friends from school. They are about how the day looked and felt. How it really felt to be standing your shoes.

    Each day, each moment is wonderful and different. Your wedding photography should capture that. All the happiness, the love, the laughter, the emotion; all the wonderful elements that make your day yours.And that’s what I try to capture. Those fleeting glances of love, those tender moments with your nan, your mum in her new dress, your bestie getting drunk. These are the moments.

    Here are a few of my favourites from recent weddings….