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I love shooting film. I’ve shot film ever since I started taking photographs. I love it’s quality and somehow it is even more real than digital, even with all it’s out of focusness and grain. I adore it. It captures something so much more that just the moment. It has an ethereal beauty that can’t be matched.

My first film camera was an Instamatic! Then a Polaroid 600, then an Olympus OM10. I still have them all! When I first started photographing weddings I used to photograph on film only! And I did my photojournalism course using only film. Then digital cameras came along and made life a lot easier (and safer) and so my film cameras became somewhat retired.

Yet, I never stopped collecting film cameras – and last year I fell in love all over again when my husband bought be a 1972 Leica SL. It’s beautiful, fully manual and means I have to really slow down and think about what I want to take and why I’m taking that shot. Unlike digital cameras where you can take countless shots and delete the ones you don’t like, shooting film requires careful consideration before pressing the shutter. It really is an elevated art form.

Wedding film photographer

There is a certain magic and charm to shooting film in the world of photography. In this digital age where everything is instant, the process of shooting on film brings a sense of nostalgia and beauty that is truly timeless.

This discipline cultivates a greater appreciation for the artistry behind every photograph. And I am here for that!

So – here’s a few images from recent weddings where I shot film along side my normal digital cameras.

And starting in 2024, I shall be offering wedding film photography as an extra add on to your wedding photography. Get in touch for more details.

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