Buckinghamshire Wedding Photographer, Woburn

2020 – what can I say – what an unbelievably shitty year.

Who would have thought this could happen and have such an affect on us. Wedding dates changed and changed again, weddings cancelled, postponed micro! It was pretty crazy – but ever British our Blitz Spirit kicked in and we got on with it. What else can you do?

For me, on a more personal note – it was also the year my mum died after a long battle with dementia. AND the year I caught covid (over Christmas too) and thought I might die. But you know what. I didn’t. We didn’t. We got through. Barely. But we did.

One of the thing I did love about last year was finding small mercies in the little and simple things. I baked. And baked. And baked. Sour dough, banana bread, macarons! I grew flowers and tomatoes from seeds, I read lots of books. And yes, I home schooled. I hope I NEVER have to do that again!

And yesterday after weeks of Lockdown 3.0 (22nd Feb 2021) we were offered a glimmer of hope. Boris Johnson announced his road map for getting back to some kind of normality, weddings are still being planned and there is an air of excitement. And better than anything – the sun is out!

So – this may be a little later than expected – I have finally got round to my end of year round up. I don’t normally do styled shoots – but last year I did three and found it a great way to work with amazingly talented suppliers, try new things – keep me creative and inspired – and be around people.

And as always a massive thank you to my beautiful couples who fought adversity and pulled off their amazing days, yes, with limited people but definitely not limited on love, fun and emotion. I got to witness the same amount of beautiful moments and people really being in that moment – which is such a blessing to witness.

I travelled to Oxford and walked with my couple around empty streets, set off smoke bombs at sunset in rural Hertfordshire, photographed my first wedding at St Paul’s Cathedral in London, witnessed the love and community of neighbours gathering together to get a glimpse of the bride who had grown up on their street, watched as children gave out pizza to family, in their pants! And literally stopped traffic on Clifton Suspension Bridge in Bristol!

But more than anything else, I witnessed love in all it’s forms – and it was glorious. Weddings are a joy in all their forms and I for one can’t wait to get back to doing them.

So – here’s my round up from 2020 ENJOY! xx

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