Mila’s Birth Story

“Honestly the most beautiful set of images I think I’ll ever own. I can’t thank you enough. “
Hannah and Mila

Mila was the first birth I ever photographed – it was an incredible experience and one I will never forget. Hannah (also a photographer) asked me to photograph her birth we were at a photography conference in Stockholm and I’d just photographed her beautiful bump – (you can see some of the photos over on my maternity page. )

Even though I’ve had two of my own children, I still didn’t really know what to expect. Hannah had planned a home water birth and being her third child she knew exactly what she was doing and was totally in control. She phoned me on a cold Thursday night in January to say she thought she was going into labour. (I was in Tesco doing the weekly shop and came away with nothing but some chocolate buttons! *Essential items I might add!) I rushed home, grabbed my camera gear and headed over to Hannah’s – which is about an hours drive away. I got there at 9.15pm and Hannah was calm but most definitely in labour. She was being assisted by the incredibly calm and reassuring presence of a doula aka Sarah Stephen-Smith from ThulaDoulaMama.

Hannah was amazing throughout and beautiful Mila came into the world about about 11.40pm.

It’s such an incredible honour to photograph a birth – watching and waiting for a new life to come into the world is priceless. Do get in touch if you are thinking of having a birth photographer.

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