So here’s my 2013. Here’s my round up of best wedding photography from 2013. 

Before my mulled wine hangover sets in, and I consume my body weight in Mince Pies and Quality Street, here is what I got up to in 2013; what I have learnt, and, more than anything, why I am thankful for every minute.

Honoured and humbled

First of all, a massive thank you to the couples I have photographed this year. Getting to know each and every one of you has been wonderful and rewarding. You’ve been amazing. Your family and friends have been so kind and generous. I have truly loved being part of your very special days, and so very honoured and humbled. This year has seen my business grow in new directions. I’ve started photographing food, and although it’s completely different from weddings, it’s been so much fun, I’ve learnt so much and haven’t laughed so much while at work in a long time!

This year is also the year my dad died. It became a year of two halves. The two parts – the before it happened and the after. He died of a heart attack at the end of August and, for some unknown reason, I went ahead and photographed a wedding the next day. I still don’t know why or how I managed it. Where the strength came from I will never know, but I knew my dad would understand. If he gave me anything, he gave me a fighting spirit and and an incredible work ethic to just get on with it!

It has also been the year that I found my WHY. Based on Start with Why, by Simon Sinek, both awesome photographers Joanna Brown and Emma Case believe that if you find out why you are doing something, you can build it into your work.

I’d been searching for mine for a long time; just loving photography and taking photographs wasn’t enough. But while putting together my dad’s Order of Service for his funeral, I found it. Looking through all our old photographs, there it was was. Life. A visual memorial.

Real emotions

Every picture had meaning and depth, happiness, laughter – emotion right there. My Why. Real emotions. And they had the  power of time transportation. Those photos are so completely precious and have the most amazing healing powers. If you believe in making New Year’s Resolutions, then make sure you make ones that include taking more photos and keeping them safe (both printed and digital); they are pure gold dust. Life is short. Make every moment count. Every dream and every breath.

This year I have learnt that taking photos is an awesome power and such an incredible honour that I never want to give up. I wish each and every one of you a wonderful time this Christmas and here’s to a happy, healthy and beautiful 2014 xxx

You can view more of my work in my wedding gallery

_19C3877Selena and Torsten WED-151 _19C3587 _19C1806 Sussex wedding photography_0036_19C9975_19C1683Sian_Mark_LOVE (53 of 53) Georgie_Mike_WED-583Becca and Marc_WED_BW-527 London wedding photographer_0027Sussex wedding photography_0050 _19C1864becca_marc Becca and Marc Wed-440 Becca and Marc Wed-434_19C1677-EditVicky_Stephen (322 of 676) _19C3267 Rebecca_Ian_Love-shoot-32_19C9604 Becca and Marc_WED_BW-378_19C9100_19C4050_19C9883 _19C3295_19C3711 _19C9832_19C8941 _19C9510Becca and Marc Wed-533 Susanna_Russell_bw198 _19C3291Rebecca_Ian_Love-shoot_BW-1 Georgie_Mike_WED-119 Selena and Torsten WED-99_19C3647 Selena and Torsten WED-125 _19C3556 _19C3099 Bucks wedding photography_0041 Charlotte_Lewis_0026 Fiona_Ben_WED_0010 Charlotte_Lewis_0042 the_image_garden_photography_0008 Melanie_Matthew_BW-177 the_image_garden_photography_0021 Lydia_Jen-544the_image_garden_photography_0012 Bucks wedding photography_0007 Fiona_Ben_WED_0008 Sussex wedding photography_0048 _19C3260 Georgie_Mike_WED_BW-456 Selena and Torsten WED-71 Vicky_Stephen (373 of 676) Lydia_Jen-592_19C4405 _19C6682 _19C8616 _19C9328 _19C9604 969795_634479646570713_1135133170_n Bucks wedding photography_0037 Sussex wedding photography_0042 _19C6583 _19C9461A Charlotte_Lewis_0034 Rebecca_Ian_Mar12_436 Lydia_Jen-622 Fiona_Ben_WED_0009 _19C6384 Becca and Marc Wed-286 - Copy         Becca and Marc Wed-433          

My most precious photo. My why. My mum and dad on Southwold Beach with Will, 5 years ago.

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