My Best of Wedding Photography 2014

        This year - 2014 - was awesome. Here's my round-up.

        Here’s my round up of best wedding photography from 2014.

        Twenty Fourteen was a great year. The year I shot 20 weddings across the country, met wonderful couples and their families and friends, and the year I married my very best friend.

        I loved that 2014 weddings has  allowed me to push my creativity, try new things – but most of all capture some amazing memories for people. Here is what I think are some of the photographic highlights.

        I hope you like them too! Happy New Year – I hope 2015 is truly inspiring, happy and healthy.

        Love Sharron x

        If you’re looking for a photographer for your wedding – then please do get in touch.

        michelle and damien-139
        Helen and Paul_Barnes Wedding Photography-16
        Ellie and Allistair-218
        Helen and Paul_Barnes Wedding Photography-12
        amy and dan -7
        end of year review 2014_0012
        Helen and Jonny-345
        Michelle and Damien_Clandon House_Surrey Wedding Photography_0013
        end of year review 2014_0015
        Jackie and Gerry-352
        Kate and Nick_Manobier_Castle-107
        Helen and Paul_Barnes Wedding Photography-2
        Michelle and Damien_Clandon House_Surrey Wedding Photography_0012
        Nina and Andrew-354
        Helen and Paul_Barnes Wedding Photography-9
        Reshma and Connor-990
        Sophie and Andy_Burghley House Wedding Photography-2
        Susie and Tom-28
        end of year review 2014_0003
        Helen and Paul_Barnes Wedding Photography-6
        michelle and damien-495
        Sophie and Andy_Burghley House Wedding Photography-3
        Jodie and Matt_Hyde Barn Wedding-11
        Jodie and Matt_Hyde Barn Wedding-47
        Helen and Paul_Barnes Wedding Photography-10
        end of year review 2014_0002
        Sophie and Andy_Burghley House Wedding Photography-1
        Sophie and Andy_Burghley House Wedding Photography-4
        Michelle and Damien_Clandon House_Surrey Wedding Photography_0035
        Helen and Ciaran-265
        Anna and Alex (198 of 667)
        Helen and Paul_Barnes Wedding Photography-17
        Kate and Nick-636  

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