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how do you overcome shyness on your wedding day – here’s my top tips.

Weddings are crazy and hectic and beautiful and stressful – and you know what – it’s ok to be a bit nervous about the whole thing. I’m quite a shy, quiet person and when it came to planning my own wedding I was a bit overwhelmed – but knowing what I know and had seen at other weddings – it helped me plan our day with just us in mind… So, I thought I’d put together a few tips on overcoming shyness on your wedding day – I hope it helps. 

Most couples I photograph – HATE, yes HATE having their photos taken. I don’t know if shy types are drawn to my quiet style, but pretty much everyone I photograph feels a bit awkward in front of the camera. Even in this selfie-tastic climate, there are still loads of us shy types who don’t clamour to stick their faces into every shot and post it on instagram.  And that’s perfectly ok!

1. Make friends with your photographer

Of course I’m going to say this – BUT it’s so true. Having a friendly face along for the day is so much better and will help you relax more too.  I’m not saying you need to become BFF’s, but do make time for a decent chat with your photographer. It’s good to get a sense of who they are as a person so you can start to feel comfortable around them. They’ll also want to get to know you too – after all it’s their job to make you feel at ease. And if you really do hate being in front of the camera – why not think about having a pre-wedding shoot. This will help you relax, and you’ll realise it’s not so bad and you’ll get to know your photographer even more. Win, win, win.

The key is to trust. Trust your photographer.

Don’t hold back from telling them about anything that’s stressing you out. If they know that certain things worry you about being photographed, they can help with that. If the thought of endless posed photos fills you with horror, just make sure your photographer knows to avoid making you look like a double page spread from OK Magazine.

The key is to trust, trust, trust your photographer. They know what they are doing! Ultimately they’re there to give you beautiful photographs of your wedding. End of.

2. Do it your own way

Forget wedding blogs and magazines which put much unneeded pressure on you – it’s your day so do it YOUR way! Don’t feel like you’ve suddenly got to perform and act a certain way because you’re getting married. Just be yourselves. It’s not a performance, it’s a day about the two of you. If you’re quiet and reserved, that’s just fine. Trust your photographer to capture you just as you are. The most beautiful photographs from a wedding often come from the most natural and spontaneous moments.

The wedding images below are from Louise and Ciaran’s wedding. They wanted low-key and documentary images because it suited their personalities. I took photos of them from a distance and let them enjoy and relax on their day, and it just beautiful to capture. You can see of this wedding on the BLOG.

Confetti at - Chelsea Town Hall Wedding Photography
Quiet moment for quick drink - Chelsea Town Hall Wedding Photography

3. Looking and feeling fabulous

Getting married is the ultimate excuse for a huge dose of pampering. Getting your hair and make-up done by the pros is such a great feeling. You’ll look and feel amazing, which will give you a proper confidence boost that will shine through in your photos..

Don’t think of having your photos taken as showing off, but more that it’s a celebration of who you are. You’ll look back at these photos in decades to come all misty eyed about how young and beautiful you were and wonder why on earth you didn’t have MORE photos taken!

4. Take your time

Your wedding day zooms by in a blur, so make sure you leave loads of time between the ceremony and the reception to have your photos taken as a couple. It’s pretty impossible to be chilled out and blissful if you’re feeling rushed. Don’t worry about your guests, they’ll be too busy drinking, chatting and dodging Aunty Brenda!

Talking of which, make sure you choose somewhere for these photos that’s not right next to where your guests are milling about. There’s nothing worse than feeling like people are watching!

See it as a bit of protected time for a breather with your partner. You can have a chat and catch up with how it’s all feeling while you have your photos taken. The photographer will stand a much better chance of getting far more natural and engaging photos if you’re just spending time together as a couple just being yourselves.

Have a break from the crowds and go for a walk (with your photographer)

5. (And most importantly)…Enjoy yourself!

With all the stress of organising a wedding, sometimes it’s useful to be reminded that you’re actually allowed to have fun. Yes really! A talented and experienced wedding photographer should simply melt into the background and let you get on with enjoying your day.

You’ve put so much thought into every detail of your wedding, it’s time to put those nerves away and just roll with it and let it happen. Everyone’s there to celebrate with you. The photographer will be unobtrusively capturing you and your guests having the time of your lives. So come on, it’s time to party!

If you still feeling nervous, how about booking in to have a practice with your photographer and organise a pre-wedding shoot. These are great for getting to know your photographer and get used to being photographed. Get in touch with me for more details.

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